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Winston Churchill

“We’re all worms, but I do believe that I am a glow worm.”
Winston Churchill

I’m pleased to announce that the ‘Take My Mother, Please’ Winston Churchill tour is back on the burner.

I’m aiming for late spring of 2022 to witness all things Winston Churchill what he did, who he was, where he lived, what he loved and why we remember. I will be in touch once the date is set.

Life in film

I initially became enchanted with Sir Winston Leonard-Spencer Churchill from watching John Lithgow play him in the first season of The Crown. The following year the movie Dunkirk came out. Then Gary Oldman’s Churchill portrayal in The Darkest Hour won him the Best Actor Oscar in 2018.  Since then, my fascination with Winston Churchill has never wavered.

On the beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets and country houses

The 7-day excursion will highlight the most important places in Sir Winston’s life and will feature his homes, gardens, offices, and locales where he lived, worked, and rallied the troops. Highlights include Blenheim Palace where he was born, Caxton Hall where the great man once gave a speech, his country home Chartwell, his Savile Rowe tailors Henry Poole & Co. and the towns Deal and Dover from where the Dunkirk rescue set forth. 

And as always part of a ‘Take My Mother, Please’ trip, there will be lots of intriguing surprises as well.  For example, our hotel in London in South Kensington has its own secret garden that I can’t wait to show you.  

Searching for Churchillania

Here’s where you come in. It’s no secret that Take My Mother* Please clientele are history buffs and trivia mavens.  If you have any ideas of Churchill’s life and/or stomping grounds you think I should check out while I’m there, drop me a line. No detail is too small. One friend, for example, asked me where Sir Winston bought his cigars. (For the record, he had them sent to him directly from Cuba when he didn’t purchase them in St. James’s Street).  

Gathering facts like these is a signature feature of what makes any Take My Mother* Please tour come alive.  Stay tuned for more discoveries to share in coming months.

Meanwhile, here’s a link from The Rake called ‘The Wardrobe of Winston Churchill’ that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I did. https://therake.com/stories/style/the-wardrobe-winston-churchill/

Cheerio for now!