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In early September, I’m off to London (among other places) to do recon for an upcoming 7-day historical tour I’ll be launching called ‘Churchill at War and Peace’ in 2020.

Blame it on the movies

I initially became interested in Sir Winston Leonard-Spencer Churchill whilst watching John Lithgow play him in the first season of The Crown. The following year, Brian Cox brought him home in Churchill with Gary Oldman sealing the deal in The Darkest Hour. I subsequently did research on Churchill on my own when I was in London, read a pile of books here at home in Los Angeles and became hooked on him and his story

On the beaches, landing grounds,fields, streets and country houses

The 5-day excursion will highlight the most important places in Sir Winston’s life and will include his homes, gardens, offices, and locales where he lived, worked, and rallied the troops. Our hotel in London will be nearby the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Caxton Hall where the great man once gave a speech

And as always part of a ‘Take My Mother, Please’ trip, there will be lots of intriguing surprises as well.  An important part of my London brief is to uncover these treasures in order to share them with you.

Searching for Churchillania

Anne Block and Winston Churchill

Let me call you, Winnie! Here I gaze upon one of my favorite heroes of the Western world.

Here’s where you come in. It’s no secret that Take My Mother* Please clientele are history buffs and trivia mavens.  If you have any ideas of Churchill’s life and/or stomping grounds you think I should check out while I’m there, drop me a line. No detail is too small. One friend, for example, asked me where Sir Winston bought his cigars. (For the record, he had them sent to him directly from Cuba when he didn’t purchase them in St. James’s Street).

Gathering facts like these is a signature feature of what makes any Take My Mother* Please tour come alive.  Stay tuned for more discoveries to share in coming months.