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In celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the Summer of Love, this year I am devoting myself to what I’m calling ‘The Summer of Loving L.A.’ This means I will be hanging out here developing, designing and guiding custom tours of my incredible home town of Los Angeles. So who takes my local tours and just as importantly, who enjoys giving them as a gift?

  • Those who want to show off Los Angeles in all its eccentric glory but have neither the time nor the inclination to drive their guests all over tarnation. At they same time, they want to impress the socks off their guests at how brilliantly connected they are. I do the driving and I do the talking.
  • Those who want to personalize a special gift for someone who has everything and values experiences over stuff and more stuff. My forte is customizing tours around people’s passions whether it’s history, food, art, architecture, culture, pop culture, a hobby or anything else under the sun (including the sun).
  • Those who want to plan a unique date night with their significant other but don’t have a clue how to proceed. One popular selection I’ve perfected is called “Places to Steal a Kiss in L.A.” which might fit the bill spectacularly.
  • Those who wish to offload out of town visitors but still make sure they have a terrific time. My business is called Take My Mother* Please (*Or Any Other VIP) for a reason.

Private Tours Of Los Angeles

If you’ve got a theme in mind, I can design a tour around it. And if you don’t, that’s fine too because I’ve got a lot of wonderful LA tour suggestions on my Private Tours of Los Angels website page. A quick phone call ((323) 737-2200) or e-mail anne@takemymotherplease.com is enough to get me on track to designing a day that you and yours will never forget.